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Fragrant Water Sojourn

I had a yearning.  For a new fragrance.  A periodic indulgence was pulling at my imaginary perfumer, nudging me, whispering ‘its time’.  Its a delicate experience, sensitive to the time, place and fragrance expert.  Its an escape and one that I set out yesterday to satisfy.

I came upon something entirely new to me – Roger&Gallet, and to my utter joy, a French original.  Distilling fragrant water since 1862, I wondered how it’s existence had escaped me until now.  At the Hudson’s Bay Vancouver, the only remaining store in Canada sits tucked in a tiny but bright and airy alcove surrounding by the voluminous famous fragrance selections.

White wallpaper sprinkled with colourful and petitely sketched Paris scenes create a soft lightness, enticing one to be led by le nez, seeking the delicate mist of each fragrant water.

I close my eyes, transported back to a Paris sojourn and the French countryside of Rouen; the warm, dry sandiness wafting without a care past the rail car’s open window.  Fragrant water… a delicate name evoking the perfect sensory experience.  Fleur D’Osmanthus, Fleur De Figuier, Rose, Gingembre Rouge, and Bois D’Orange.  I don’t want to return to reality.  It feels best to remain in this French olfactory resplendency.

Slowly I succumb to the lady’s voice, opening my eyes, to see a smiling knowing young face looking at me.  ‘Yes, please.  I would love to hear more…. and explore the uniqueness of each’.  I was entranced.



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